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Single-page Markdown Web Editor (spmdwe)

Copyleft sdaau, 2012

Homepage and demo:


This is a small "web application", which consists of one file, spmdwe.php, (which can be renamed to index.php). It can be installed on a php server, and used to edit text files with live preview for Markdown syntax.

With proper permissions on the server directory, files can also be saved on the host (a backup of the previous version is also saved). There is also a switch that disables saving, enabled at the demo page for protection.

It is based on two other open-source packages, which are downloaded separately (see Installation below):

While the default .css style shown here is hardly impressive, do check out the list of some free markdown css styles, which can be used instead.


Here are the steps needed to install this application, in the form of bash commands:

# mkdir spmdwe # if downloading manually, else:
# checkout from svn - creates `spmdwe` directory and files in it
svn co spmdwe

chmod 775 spmdwe  # on server, else cannot save backups!
cd spmdwe

# see

# unzip creates "PHP Markdown 1.0.1o" directory

# rename unzipped directory
mv PHP* php-markdown

# see
# creates "pagedown" directory
hg clone


The application is pretty simple:

You can also test this application via php-cli; on a Linux terminal, call:

# test with php-cli:
QUERY_STRING="file=readme.txt" php spmdwe.php